Prom Night Revisited

Crashing the prom after drinking wine was super fun...

So last night we went to our roomie’s wine tasting event that she had organized.  We had a lovely evening, full of drinking wine and purchasing a significant amount of wine.  It was quite a success and very relaxing.  After this, Kate, Amanda, Greer and I proceeded to crash Kamehameha’s prom which was taking place in a ballroom upstairs.  We had a rather amusing few moments dancing to a live band and reminiscing about our high school moments, then we exited and returned to our adult lives.
All this served to remind me about how few legitimate cares I had in high school, and what a carefree period in time it was.  I think about how many friends have gone on with their lives, leading successful careers and building families.  Things are so different for us now then they were back then, and I only hope that young people can seize their moments while they last.  I am only just now beginning to understand what they mean when they say youth is wasted on the young.  😉