Roommate love = Thai food.

Our home is a lovely place because of the family we’ve built within it.  With the exception of Sharon, we are all far away from the natural family that we’ve grown up with.  But it makes me proud that we are able to make our own.  Sharon and I went to dinner at a Thai restaurant, and before we ate we said a little prayer.  And we said a little prayer for Joey and Kate who weren’t there.  And I was reminded that I’m so grateful that we live in a home with people who share our faith and we can all take care of each other.  Yet another blessing to be thankful for.
Sharon and I had a lovely dinner and conversation and lost track of time, making me late to pick up hubby.  I was sorry to be late, but losing track of time can be a lost art.  As adults (and especially military members) we are so focused on time.  My favorite days are the ones in which we absolutely don’t need a clock.  Those days are too few in my humble opinion.