After a rather trying two weeks at work, I figured its a good time to reflect on the best ways to relax.  I can think of all the obvious ones – having a lovely glass of wine with a nice dinner, having Jose play the guitar and sing along, and the ever-popular and most-used method of taking a nice fat nap.  But the current chillax method of choice for me is to plan an illegal activity for your weekend.  No, no, I shall not rob any banks or jaywalk, but it will be fun nonetheless.  For now, the law-breaking act can remain a mystery, because you can be sure that there will be pictures and I promise to post them.
Jose has taken to smoking cigars as is illustrated by the above photo, and this particular cigar was smoked at a hotel in Waikiki after a dining out.  This dining out was an interesting event;  If one has never heard of or experienced a Navy dining out, they can be quite amusing.  Basically it a formal dinner where a squadron gathers and performs rather ridiculous rituals before and after attempting to eat a dinner while maintaining a spotless uniform or dress.  Entertaining events of the evening include:  watching a drunk man try to rhyme, watching a man who was standing on a chair holding a glass of wine and wearing a white uniform fall without spilling a drop of red wine on his uniform or elsewhere (He fell flat on his back too!), and having our car keys stolen by a drunken man who didn’t remember stealing them until we had him empty his pockets.  Talk about random adventures.