Parlor Games

Jose and I spent Friday evening with the InHim team – we had dinner at Marcos and Kristen’s house, and afterwards we played parlor games to include Mafia, Five on a Couch, and the name game.  Now I must say that I am rather nerdy but I love games like this and have not played many since I was involved in youth ministry.  I had a blast.

The team will depart tomorrow and its another season of seeing people leave.  I myself do not like it at all.  I find it harder to be left behind – I’m more comforted if I can be preoccupied the excitement of a new place.  But to be left behind by my friends makes me feel like I’ve been somewhere too long, even Hawaii.  So I’m sad to see them go, but I can comfort myself with thinking that I have more friends to visit on my cross-country road trip.  😉