Back to Life, Back to Reality

Returning to the real world after vacation is always difficult.  I always need at least a day to recover from my days off.

Maui was wonderful.  We stayed in a beautiful and cozy bed and breakfast.  Our room had an heirloom Hawaiian quilt, and we ate breakfast almost every day (something I hardly ever do at home).  We drove the road to Hana, spending seven hours on the road and maybe 20 minutes in Hana itself.  We went to the Maui film festival, watched to fantastic movies on a big screen set up on a golf course.  We sat on beach chairs and ate popcorn and ice cream under the stars.  We drove on a winding treacherous road along the Northwest Maui coast, checking out hillside mansions and purchasing rather expensive but delicious coconut candy from a roadside stand.  We went shopping and checked out galleries in Lahaina, which surprisingly had some of the best art galleries I’ve been to in a while.

Finally, the crown jewel of our Maui adventure, we drove up Haleakala and watched the sunset.  The drive was another crazy switchback road, but you end up driving up 10,000 feet until you’re above the clouds.  The sun begins to set and you can see clouds forming and the sky changing colors.  And you’re truly cold – its 30 degrees up there.  But it was gorgeous, and really to be seen for yourself.

So this week I returned to the real world, work and home – the early mornings, the pulling every-which-way at work, the nights at home that pass too quickly.  Tonight I’m relaxing by watching my absolutely favorite documentary ever, Grey Gardens – I only recommend it if you can handle the absolutely odd.  Therefore, of course, I love it.