Movie Nerd tells all.

So I’ve taken in a ton of movies over the few weeks – here are mini-reviews for your perusal:

The Incredible Hulk – I’m just another one of those people who enjoys comic book movies without ever having read the comics.  Movie about a big green man, obviously, but Ed (I LOVE ED!  We’re married.)  is great and the movie moves along nicely.  However, the ending was disappointing and discontinuous.  Entertaining enough to recommend though.

Charlie Wilson’s War – Surprisingly interesting!  A movie about politics and Jennie bothered to watch it?  But I really liked it!  Follows one senator’s covert contributions to the war in Afghanistan (not this one, the last one.  “What?” you say?  Watch the movie.  Very educational.)  The movie ends with a brilliant quote that stayed with me.  Definitely recommend.

The World’s Fastest Indian – This one has been clogging up my queue for ages and I finally sat down and watched it.  A charming movie about a New Zealander who travels to America on a long shot to time trial his beloved motorcycle in the hopes of making it the fastest thing on land.  Sounds boring but ends up weaving a story about travelers and the generosity and quirkiness of the American people.

The Fall – A Maui Film Festival movie.  It was summarized as a director’s tribute to filmmaking – and indeed it is, a beautiful cinematic treasure with a endearing story about a hospitalized stuntman who befriends a little girl in the hospital by captivating her with a story.  The movie flashes between reality and fantasy and the man’s motivations for telling his story are revealed.  See it, its good.

The Visitor – Another Maui Film Festival movie about a man who regains motivation in his life after a chance encounter with an illegal immigrant couple.

Once – An Irish, more serious version of Music and Lyrics.  A street musician finds a musical partner in an immigrant girl.  Romantic and the music is beautiful.  Kate and I needed to watch in subtitles to understand the accents though.

I warned you I was a movie nerd.  There have been even more than these, but these were the ones I could remember off the top of my head.