Approaching Strangers

Its been quite a week of approaching strangers and asking for photos.  This is the part of the job that always makes me nervous and I’ve been trying to force myself to just do it and develop systems and methods that work for me.  First obstacle – to overcome the initial step of approaching a stranger and asking for their picture.

Maybe because I never bothered to ask for permission or info while I was in school I didn’t realize how suspicious people are of cameras in general.  I was shunned in Hampden, my very favorite Baltimore neighborhood, by two people.  Although one did agree to let me take pictures, I couldn’t even chitchat with her because she was so fed up with photographers.  I’m sorry to say it left a bad taste in my mouth for a neighborhood that I love so much, and I left rather quickly Saturday.

But I did meet a kind soul today in Francis, the owner of The Smoke Shop in Annapolis.  He started off by teaching me about pipes, and easily agreed to let me take photos inside his store.  He invited me to return and I’m going to bring Jose when he comes to visit.   I love it when people are nice.