Chinese Food and Fish

Again to Baltimore today, this time to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  I had a super delicious lunch at P.F. Chang’s beforehand, concluding in a slice of my favorite dessert ever, the Great Wall of Chocolate!!!  We all know where chocolate cake goes on the hierarchy of desserts, and this particular chocolate cake is like the olympic silver medal winner of chocolate cakes.  Gold belongs to my birthday chocolate cake that my nanay makes me.

After a tasty lunch, Sonia, Rios and I had to wait in a long long line and dodge several hundred children and tourists all about the aquarium.  We watched dolphins perform, saw frogs, sharks, stingrays, fish, puffins, etc.  We also watched a 4D movie, which consisted of getting sprayed with water, air and bubbles while wearing 3D glasses in a theater.

Ever the model students, we managed to squeeze our homework into the very last minutes of our weekend, and I got a lesson in nerd-dom by learning about World of Warcraft.  I find the game to be an interesting phenomenon because it illustrates the communal nature of the internet, how the internet has the power to bring people together from all over the world who happen to share a common interest.

I’m so sad my weekend is over…another week of class to begin!  I’m having too much fun to be interrupted by all this class.  Time is flying so fast though, I feel like it will all be over before I know it.

  • Padillas81

    Reading back on that day brings a big smile to my face! We had a blast 🙂