In love again.

So I’ve been in school for two weeks now, but I didn’t really get to recap my travels for the past few weeks.  I’ve had a blast visiting friends and sightseeing.  My trip home was a highlight of course, because I feel so separated from my parents and family sometimes that my heart just hurts inside my chest.  But I went home and got to visit the two poster children for kids-that-are-the-most-fun-ever.  Colby and Lucy are so big and active and bright and sweet and I completely adore them.  As you can see they are gorgeous and so enthusiastic.  Colby, ever the sportster, can skateboard better than I ever could and is already way more coordinated than me.  Lucy is an animal lover and fearless – she chases down cats like they have no chance against her.

It makes me so sad that Jose and I aren’t around to be able to take them places and spoil them, so I like to try and play cool Auntie and bring them things from other places.  I try to make Uncle Joe as present to them as possible – and thus comes the ultimate paradox of being a military family.  You are off having adventures while all this fun stuff happens at home.  Sometimes I’m so sad not to be a daily part of those little things that add up to being involved in a kid’s life.  These two kids are amazing and I’m totally in love with them.