In past faces I see the present

Today was a off-post training day – aka a field trip!  We went to a military photo exhibit at the Arlington Cemetery, and then wandered about Washington DC.  The exhibit was interesting, it was a photo history of American service members throughout various wars.  I always look at photos of people from other times and think how similar they must have been to us, despite all the differences in their times.  They didn’t have internet and television and computers, but they went to war and missed their families and got injured and were brave.  I always see in the faces of the military members in those pictures the same faces in the military members of today.

School has been fun and I’m enjoying having people to shoot with and chit chat with.  I like being in school and don’t want to leave.  I am all alone in that sentiment.  I miss Jose and the boo and Kate and Sharon and the house and the beach like crazy, but always looming over me is the thought of going back to work.  I wish I could just skip my month of crazy hard work and just go on my trip, because the thought of going back colors my whole homecoming experience.  I can’t look forward to going home because I’m filled with a dull pain in my head at the thought of returning to the daily craziness that is dealing with work.  It’s a wonder to me that I’ve lasted this long in that job, but once the conference is over I can tell I’m done.  I won’t be able to stay much longer without going full out crazy.

So instead I try to look past the job.  It makes me excited to think of what’ll be next.  I’m learning a lot here, all things I can use to make my photos better.  Life is too short not to do the things you love.  I love art and taking pictures and even writing sometimes, so I’m going to focus my energy on those things.  I’m excited for my time off to try and work on my portfolio and prepare for the moving.  I don’t know where we’re going yet, but I have a good feeling that it’ll be someplace amazing…even if I don’t realize its amazing right away…I always think something good is coming next.