Long-lost Family

I’m impressed by my father’s detective skills as he’s managed to find his four long-lost first cousins.  We went to visit with my dad’s cousin Carol, who lives in Annapolis.  We spent a few hours looking at old photos of family and sorting out who is related to whom and how.  The photos were gorgeous – snapshots of people doing ordinary things, but with the flair of another time.  The hairstyles, clothes and settings were all fascinating.  Sorting through people was a bit confusing because many relatives from different sides of the family all have the same name, but I am starting to piece things together.

Aunt Carol’s dad and my grandfather were brothers.  Apparently my dad’s Uncle Joe left his family when they were young and moved to the Philippines.  My father went to visit him when he was in the Philippines and they got along really well.  I had no idea my father was so close to his Uncle, or that my mother also knew him even when she was young.  I don’t think I ever met him.

My family is so small, it’s odd to think that it extends beyond my immediate family into people I’ve never met or known.  Both Aunt Carol and her husband were in the Air Force and it was neat to see Aunt Carol’s pictures from her Air Force time.  I saw the uniform we’re going back to, and that her dorm in basic training looks just exactly the same as mine did.  Even her pictures of her hanging out with Air Force friends are reminiscent of mine.  I had a blast chitchatting and think it’s pretty rocking cool that my dad managed to find them in the first place.