Love Song to Baltimore

Yesterday was my real reunion with B-more – I went to the Baltimore Museum of Art, which is now free!  I was pleased and proud of that development.  I saw several moms with their kids, which warmed my heart.  One mother was encouraging her daughter to pick out details from a contemporary video installation.  I thought it was amazing that the mother was willing to show and explore the contemporary art gallery with her daughter, who must’ve been about ten.  Some of those exhibits would not have been so easy to explain to adults let alone to a child.

After that I considered going to Patterson Park, but I figured I’d better stay close to the Cathedral so I could go to mass.  So I went and ate at Chipotle and then went to the Cathedral and sat on the steps and read for a bit before mass started.

After mass I met Georgann in Hampden and we ended up going out to Fells Point for a bit, having a few drinks and eating sushi at Asahi.  We then went to Mount Royal, to the tavern on MICA’s campus that I had never been to.  I ended up meeting a few MICA kids and a kid I graduated with.  The school has changed and expanded, and I wish I could’ve seen more of it.

Being on campus made me miss college so much.  I don’t miss the poverty or the self-doubt, but I do miss the access and feedback and the idea of being surrounded by people that share your interests and can talk about art.  And maybe I do miss the poverty a little bit – my apartment was simple but cozy, and I managed just fine.  I’m just glad I always have enough money to eat and get art supplies now 😉

I always find it so interesting who I’ve managed to stay friends with over the years and to look back on how much of my adult life has passed.  I’ve been out of college for three years now.  I’ve known Georgann for eight years.  We always talk about life, work, and Charm City and the future.  I always try to convince her to quit smoking and we make fun of mean people.  She is one of my few friends left in Baltimore, and I can always count on her to share my love for the city.

All in all it was a lovely quiet day, just like ones I used to spend in the city on those glorious days off when the weather wasn’t crazy.  I remember why I miss living there, and I’ll always love what Baltimore gave to me – the chance to become an artist in a city that welcomes them with open arms.