Busy Week!

So last night was a lovely family evening celebration at Cheeseburger in Paradise.  We celebrated the turning in of our first big project, and what a relief it was.  But I realized that all this fun stuff has happened over the past two weeks that I haven’t even written down at all!

Jose and the Boo have reunited, and our beloved batmobile is no more.  I’m glad that Jose is home safely, and while I loved the batmobile, its okay as it cancelled out a car payment faster than we would have otherwise.

I’ve been totally sold on Crossfit and plan to start it as soon as I return to Hawaii.  My interviews with the folks at Crossfit Baltimore were awesome and everyone was super cool.  I had the realization that I couldn’t lift my camera bag out of the truck with one hand, and remembered that no matter how much I run I can’t get any skinnier or faster.  I am not okay with that at all.  Plus I totally want to be a parkourist, so I better start training soon.

Georgann and I went to Philly to visit Amy and Erik.  We played tourist all day and it was a blast – I took pictures for a wedding project for them so we went all around town.  I ran up the steps of the art museum too, so I am totally Rocky.

Two weeks left, and I’m happy and sad at the same time.  I want my husband and boo and cousins and house back, but I don’t want to go back to work.  I hate when work gets in the way of my social life. 😉