There and back again

I’m back at home again, with all the things I love and missed terribly while I was gone.  My Jose, my boo, my lovely cousins, my house with the terribly wonderfully comfortable couch and bed, my warm warm sunny island with its beautiful Kailua beach.  Real food, a kitchen, my own bathroom.

But at the same time I feel kind of a hole – I miss my funny IPC friends.  I miss the people I’ve talked to and hung out with constantly for two months.  It made me think about how I adjust to being away, how I fall in love with the people I’m with and how I feel a little empty coming back to my normal life.  It might just be me and my trying to face the idea of returning to work, of cleaning the house, of the impending residential lottery that is PCS.

There never seems to be enough time anywhere I go.  I felt like my time on the mainland rushed by without my seeing half of my friends.  I only saw my parents for a minute.  But being here I feel it too.  My time with the cousins, at the beach, my friends at work and with Monica’s family and the new baby boy will only last a second, and then I’ll spend months recovering from the heartbreak of leaving it all behind.  But this time I’m resolving to press through the initial depression that keeps me lazy and inside the house/hotel/apartment.  I’ll make my time last longer wherever it is that we go next but starting out strong, jumping into a new place and a new life, no matter how temporary it seems.

In the meantime, it’s back to island life.  I won’t let too many days go by without going to the beach.