Aches and Pains

Today was the first day in two weeks that I haven’t felt every muscle in my arms, back and legs.  Did you know that we have all these muscles in our body that we use for the simplest movement?  For example, when I put up my hair to go to work in the morning, I use muscles in my arms, back and torso?  How do I know this?  I’ve felt every one of the muscles that I would use for a task tender with pain over the past few days.

But I sure am having fun.  When you don’t finish a workout, you feel determined to do it next time, and when you do finish, you feel like a hardcore NINJA!  But I do feel a little fear for tomorrow, which is my third and final elements class, which is a one-on-one session with a trainer.  Bryan is a member of the CrossFit gestapo, so slightly scary.

In other news, Indonesia is so close!  I’m so unbelievably excited!  I am finally feeling like my year at work is paying off.  Work has actually been busy, but comparatively stress-free, which is remarkable.  Almost miracle-like, I would say.  And I keep telling myself only a few more days until it really pays off – an actual TDY and a bit of seeing the world.  My absolute favorite part of work, and it’s almost here!

I just have to make it through CrossFit first.