Back to Work

Work at the Reserve job today.  I spent a good portion of today chitchatting with people, trying to catch up with all the things that happened while I was gone.  A lot of details blurred together, and I couldn’t remember if I was having conversations I’d already had.  But I’m happy to see everyone, and I even kinda look forward to work on Monday.

Adjusting to life back, I feel a little more unsettled than I expected.  I think its because there’s so many details that are currently unfinished, I might leave everything just hanging if I don’t plan but I hardly know which direction to go.  I keep trying to put things in my house in order – I’m even organizing my iTunes.  It’s not working.  I still feel discombobulated.  It’ll only get worse this month too, because Jose and I both are leaving next month.  Things will get crazy.  But its okay, I’m not worried or stressed yet, just disorganized.

In other news, I have started my CrossFit adventure.  Jose and I went to CrossFit Oahu yesterday, where Karissa with the ripped shoulders helped teach me how to lift a weight. Bryant asked me if I was nervous when he saw me standing about the gym, and I guess I looked like I felt out of place.  I am all amateur but Karissa and Bryant were very encouraging.  I am well on my way to being a ninja though.  I am sore.  SORE!  But I feel great.  And motivated.  I’m a ninja.