Jing’s Thanksgiving Address

For those who don’t know, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  A holiday dedicated to eating and spending time with family and being grateful for what you have…what’s better than that?  Of course, family can be a fluid thing, and this year my family was cousins Kate and Sharon.

I spent a lovely morning helping Kate at the Institute for Human Services, a homeless shelter where she works.  We worked on Kate’s “little” volunteer project, which was a whirlwind event involving the creating and delivering of over 100 baskets of food and about a zillion volunteers.  Then we had lunch/dinner with Hilton Hawaiian Village as they served a mighty tasty meal to the guests at the shelter.  Oh, and I was on the news.  I’m practically a movie star.

For dinner, we went to Sharon’s uncle’s mansion on a hill.  Sharon’s uncle lives in an absolutely gorgeous dream house on a hill in Hawaii Kai, and we had a delicious meal companied with a glass of wine, a bit of pumpkin crunch, rather ridiculous conversation and random picture taking.

All in all, a lovely day.  Now time to snuggle with the boo and head to bed to dream of my beloved far away for which I am so grateful.