Monkey Attack!

So I’ve returned from my travels with a whole slew of new experiences, including having been attacked by a vicious wild animal!  Okay, so it was a monkey who wanted an apple I happened to have in my hand, but the sucker was wet and dirty and made a mess of my clothes.

I had one solid day off in Indonesia, and I used it to go see a nearby temple, the Uluwatu temple on the western shore of Nusa Dua.  I had to tie a sash around my skirt, and my friend who was wearing shorts had to tie a sarong around his waist before we could go in.  I paid 5000 Rp (about 50 cents) for a few bags of apples and we strolled up the hill to the temple.  Pretty soon monkeys came by to visit, and I would give them an apple.  They would come right up and take them from my hand.  Finally I was down to my last one and I see this monkey come bounding toward me.  Only I see that he’s wet, so I start to run away but he climbs up my skirt and scrambles unto my back for that apple, that diligent bastard.  Well, I got rather dirty but oh well, at least I can say I survived a vicious animal attack.

Those monkeys are rather clever though, and they tried to steal my wrist wallet.  They were unsuccessful, however, because they did not realize they were dealing with a ninja.  They did manage to steal another guys sunglasses, and break them, and apparently this is a frequent occurrence.  So watch your back when you visit monkeys, they could be wet and dirty.