Ending the 12-day stretch

One of the joys of being a reservist is the 12-day work week once a month.  They’re brutal, because while one works the first week it feels like there’s no hope, and during the second week Friday never seems to come.  However, the joy of Friday afternoon is magnified that much more, and you’re weekend off seems like a wealth of time filled with endless possibilities for getting things done.

My Friday was particularly lovely, as we were able to leave work around lunchtime to watch our fellow co-workers play softball.  I offered my moral support while partaking in an all-American and particularly softball and picnic food item, the delicious hot dog, accompanied by some (three bags) of Doritos.  I happen to love Doritos.

After that, I was able to accomplish some of the errands that had been looming over my head and lingering on my to-do list throughout the entire two week stretch.  One of these errands included my “New Year’s resolution” to actually send out Christmas cards this year.  I am happy to report that I am so close to meeting my goal!  However, I did not realize how many addresses I do not have.  I am hoping for an improved process next year, so that I can be so extra efficient at Christmas carding that all of my beloved friends and relatives will be amazed at my mad skills.

And now to officially end the stretch with a good sleeping in.  There’s no better way to celebrate your lack of a weekend than sleeping in as much as possible.  For me, this means sleeping until 8 a.m.  What a glorious feeling.