Year in Review…

2009 New Years Survey!

Stayed single almost the whole​year?​​

Only in the geographic sense.

Kissed someone new?

Jenny’s baby boy

Done something you’ve regretted?​​

Packing my Christmas lotion in my carry-on and having it taken away by TSA.

Cut class?

Class?  I wish I were in college

Were you involved in something you’ll never​ forget?​​

CHOD is pretty unforgettable.  So is IPC.  Don’t you love acronyms….

Visited a different country?​​

Why yes!  I visited Indonesia.  and the Philippines.

Cooked a gross meal?​​

No, I only cook delicious masterpieces.

Lost something important to you?

No, St. Anthony’s my buddy.

Got a gift you adore?

I adore all gifts.  I got a pretty necklace from my love that I love.

Tripped over a coffee table?

Never.  I am perpetually graceful and coordinated.

Dyed your hair?​​

No, my hair is naturally a pretty shade of black brown.

Came close to losing your life?​​

I’ve cheated death several times.  I’m a ninja.

Went to a party?

I like parties.

Read a great book?​​

I like books.

Saw one of your favorite bands​/ artists live?​​

Alas no.  I missed Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and Jason Mraz when they all came to Hawaii.

Did you meet any new friends this year?​​

Several that I love.  I love you new friends.

Did you hate anyone?​​

I don’t hate.  I playa congratulate.

Did you grow apart​from anyone?​​

No, I just live far apart from everyone.

Do you have any regrets when it comes​to your friendships?​​

That I don’t talk to my friends enough.

2008:​​ Your BIRTHDAY!​​

Did you have cupcakes?​​

Chocolate cake.  Maybe.  I don’t remember.

Did you have a party?

I don’t remember.  It’s in the beginning of the year.  That’s so far away.

Did you get any presents?​​

A necklace.  Its very pretty.

Did you change at all this year?​​


Did you cut your hair?


Did you change your style?

All the time.

Were you in school?​​

Alas, no.

Did you get good grades?​​

I always get good grades…even when I’m not in school.

Did you have a job?

Yes, two even.

Did anyone close to you give birth?

Jenny had baby Zachary in January.  Kristin had baby Nadia in March?  Monica had baby
Dallas in September.

Did you move at all?

No!  A miracle, I know.

Did you go on any vacations?​​

Yes!  Maui, Philly, New York, B-more, Philippines, home sweet home.

Would you change anything about​yourself now?

I would like to be better organized.  I’m going to work on that this year – I proclaim it as my New Year’s resolution.

2008:  Wrap UP:

Was 2008 a good year?​​


Do you think 2009 will top 2008?​​


Well, we started off the year with a resolution – Jose and I were going to travel to one place in the United States that we’ve never been and to one other country that we’ve never been.  One half of mission accomplished right at New Years when we spent the first few days of 2008 at Volcanos National Park on the Big Island.  I love the park, its some of the most amazing hiking I’ve ever seen.  A national treasure.

The next few months were occupied by rehearsing and performing in Aida at a community theater.  It has always been a dream of mine to be a part of a community theater, and I loved it.  As an added bonus I managed to get all the music stuck endlessly in my head and the heads of my roommates.  I still can’t listen to the show yet.

My everyday life was dominated by United States Pacific Command.  Planning a huge conference with a million tedious details is something that doesn’t always sound like much fun, but it managed to be fun for me.  I worked with great people, and I learned so much about the Asia-Pacific region that it’s absolutely impossible not to come away from the experience without a deep appreciation for how the military works and how much servicemembers sacrifice to make good things happen around the world.

Besides, my long days at work were brightened by friends – this year’s visitors were Ben and May.  Also, the adding of a cousin to the house helped make everything more fun – Sharon moved in with us in March.

Jose and I have been on several separate adventures, but we managed to share a few too, including one to Maui in June.  Then we split up the team again so that I could go to Dinfos Here Today and he could go off to El Salvador.

Dinfos Here Today turned out to be an absolute blast and filled with people who are wonderful.  I’m just adding to my list of friends around the country and the world.  Not to mention the list of movies I’ve seen in a theater with crazy Dinfos friends who would rather watch movies and eat ice cream than work.

Then to Bali, the adventure that I’d been waiting for the whole year.  Followed by a surprise, semi-impromptu visit to the cousins in the Philippines for the first time in six years.  Then to home sweet home, Virginia Beach is for lovers for Christmas with family.

The adventures have been plentiful this year, and I’m grateful.  I look forward to the ones are that are to come, especially the ones with Japanese subtitles.  God bless all my family and friends with a lovely and fantastic new year!