Bachelorettes, Dive Bars and Tattoo Parlors

The holiday weekend was a wild one for Jennie.  I managed to complete a trifecta of semi-sketchy activities.  First, I attended a bachelorette party for my girlfriend Joleen, a dear friend who is rightfully nicknamed Princess America.  Highlights of the evening were:  delicious spaghetti made by Kat, random ride in a Hummer limo, Bachelorette Joleen receiving a hand-delivered cheeseburger by the manager of the club we went to, watching drunken Joleen converse with strangers, and reuniting with friends from work.

Next evening I went to dinner and karaoke with Cousin Sharon and friend Emily.  The first karaoke bar we went to was dominated by a large crowd, so rather than wait for 15 songs, we sang a few and decided to try someplace else…namely Kailua Palace!  We entered, and there were exactly five people in the bar, including the bartender.  They were watching the news.  So the three of us had a drink and our own private concert.  It was the best, actually.  We could sing whatever we wanted, no waiting, and we even made a fan!  Our new friend Cameron came to chitchat with us after the show.

Finally, the trifecta was completed with a visit to the tattoo parlor with cousin Sharon to act as tattooing moral support.  Tattoo was received, moral support and conversational distraction were given, mission accomplished!

Now back to the “work week” and the daily grind, which now consists of me constantly trying to motivate myself to get stuff done, clean and work out.  Oh the life of a single housewife.  At least my weekends are exciting in a college student kind of way.