The Haircut

Indecision rules my life sometimes.  There are certain decisions in life that I can’t make up my mind about, and today’s dilemna I shared with a hair stylist at Mastercuts in the mall.

Short hair or long hair?  I’ve been deciding for a while now that I’d like to grow my hair out a little, but after a few weeks of staunch decision and willpower, I decide that I am fed up with messing with my hair and would like it short again.

Luckily to my rescue came today’s stylist, whose antics sufficiently distracted me enough to let him leave my hair a little bit long.  Now Fort Meade has a psychic barber, but homeboy has nothing on my stylist today for oddness, or comedic relief.

First of all, my stylist was a boy with long hair and a shirt with a picture of Darth Vader that said ‘who’s your daddy?’.  Now everyone knows how I do not approve of boys with long hair, but this particular boy straight irons his long hair and styles/cut it himself, so one has to give him props for that.  I shared with him how difficult it is to cut one’s hair, having learned this from personal experience.  But he also shared with me the plot line to Hannibal, so now I never have to watch it, and wouldn’t because it sounds super scary.

The haircut started off with him wrapping the sheet around me with such flourish I thought I was about to be part of a magic trick.  He also chit chatted with me about other various horror movies, sang You’re in Love by Wilson Philips with me (yes, it does bring you back.  if you need a refresher on the song –  and quoted The Little Mermaid to me.  Obscure quotes too.  He claimed to be able to quote the whole movie, and I’m inclined to believe him.

I found him rather endearing for all his quirkiness.  We need encounters with those who are not afraid to be odd to remind us that being different makes everyday interesting.  So thanks to you for making life interesting today friend.  And my hair looks great too.