Ways in which Jennie lives like she is in college.

So today I ran a truck load of errands.  But I also managed to eat McDonald’s for lunch, Cheetos for snack and Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza for dinner.  I also took a mid-afternoon nap, spent a good portion of the morning and the evening on the internet, and a good portion of my time on the internet on the facebook.

I also went to a party on a Tuesday night.  Okay, it was a party at an old lady’s house but there was punch and cake so it counts.  Tomorrow I’m even going to a class.  Okay, so its a class at the apple store but its still a class.

Now all my roommates and I need is a kegerator in the garage and empty our fridge of food and we might as well call the house the White-Brown University Dorm.