To add to Kate and my tradition of crashing school dances that are not our own, Kate and I decided to “chaperone” a middle school dance this evening, in honor of our 14-year-old friend Nadia.  The scene was just as you would remember – a school cafeteria with the stage at one end, all the tables cleared out and groups of students huddled in single-sex giggle-filled groups.  Do you know that rather uncomfortable feeling you get in a club when all the lights are going and the music is too loud and you haven’t yet had enough to drink?  Imagine it magnified to a degree that brings you back to your most awkward years.

I have often told friends that if I could go back in time with the knowledge I have today to my middle or high school years, I would have owned those places, much like I owned the dance floor at this particular middle school dance.  Its nice to know that God gives us second chances to make up for those adventures that we missed out on the first time, and while I was way too shy to jam out in my actual middle school years, I made up for it dancing about tonight.

I’ve learned throughout the years that your fear of making an exhibition of yourself in public often comes from wanted to impress your peers around you, but as I impress all those I meet with my natural wit and charm, I feel no need to impress them with my lack of dance skills.  Some talents we have, others we don’t.  At least I can have a talent for having a blast regardless of the situation.  I’ll try to make use of that talent as often as possible.