Encounters with a Grumpy Person.

Sometimes I have so much fun throughout the course of a day that I forget that other people may not be having as much fun.  Today we profile one such person, a lady at the Jack in the Box.  Now after a lovely rehearsal at the theater reading lines for a lovely cast, and after picking up my beloved cousin Kate and fellow sitcom star Nicholas from a lovely evening event for which they so responsibly designated a driver, the fabulous me, my companions and I were hungry and decided to patronize the Kailua town Jack in the Box drive-thru.

In the spirit of jest, at the end of our food order I proclaimed to the person behind the speaker that I was driving two drunken fools, the part played by Kate and Nicholas, and declared that I had to babysit them and feed them and thanked her for her assistance with those tasks.  Upon driving up to the window however, we were greeting by a mad-looking woman who pronounced that if we were “playing around,” she could not serve us.  I told her that we were indeed serious and hungry and would like the food that we had ordered.

It was delivered to us by a rather jolly-looking chap who I felt was more in line with the cheerful mood we were seeking to cultivate, but I felt slightly guilty at the thought of ruining another person’s evening with our harmless merriment.  Nicholas gently reprimanded me and reminded me that the Jack in the Box was a fine dining establishment with top-notch service, and its workers would not abide by our disrespect.  I thanked him for his candid insight, apologized to the world at large, and we were able to enjoy our meal in peace.

Upon chowing down, I did wonder at Jack’s motto, proclaimed boldy on the side of my purple to-go cup filled with delicious root beer – “We’re happy to serve you anytime, no questions asked.”  I suppose the grumpy woman had not gotten that company memo.