Guamania: Patriotism

Now Guamania is a lovely island nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, very close to the Marianas trench (a geological phenomenon that I have always been fascinated with).  On this trip to Guamania I learned many things, including how beautiful the island is.

The thing about Guam is that one might have to look past a few things to see its true beauty.  Yes, in Tumon there are strip clubs galore and yes, parts of the island looks like kids have absolutely nothing better to do than tag bus stops and anything that doesn’t move.  But Guam is full of friendly, family-oriented people who have an amazing and rich culture.

One thing that struck me about the people I talked to was the shared patriotism of the people of Guam.  People mentioned the occupation of Japan and the effect it had on the island, how people supported the military and how military members from Guam had a strong commitment to their mission and were driven to serve their country.  I also learned that while residents of Guam are American citizens, they cannot vote for president.  What a funny country we live in – full of contradictions.

I spent my very limited free time driving about the island and saw many places that I would have loved to stop and hike at, so hopefully at some point I’ll have a more relaxing stay there.  I’m very happy that I got to see my beloved friend Sonia, who I call Quay Quay, while I was there, and meet her little darling angel Alyssa.  We ate Chinese food and watched movies, almost like we were still living in a dorm.  These simple things make me so happy.