Embarrassing Situations in which reading Japanese would be helpful.

Today was a lovely Sunday.  We begin with hubby, cousin and I attending Mass on base, then off to visit the big Buddah at Kamakura!  What an adventure!  What fun!  We found a delicious bagel store, and purchased a bagel apiece.  After eating, we proceeded to order another bagel apiece.  Seriously, Bagel & Bagel has white peach cream cheese that almost made me cry.

After heavenly breakfast, off to the Buddah!  However, Jennie forgets as she is leaving her home that as a girl she is currently suffering with the problem that all girls have.  Preparation is key in cases such as these, namely, bring pads with you when you intend to be out all day, lest you never be able to use the bathroom.  Not really an option, and after I discovered my mistake I took steps to remedy it.  During a stop to Homes, the Walmart of Japan, I purchased some.  Cousin joked that I might be buying diapers, however Homes helpfully had samples hanging off the rack nearby, so I was confident that I had what I needed.

However, as we walk to the train station, I discover that my preparation was in vain as I had left behind my purchase in the car.  Never fear, I stepped into a nearby drug store and proceed to the back of the store where the diapers and products are to purchase the exact same package.  At the cashier, I was informed by a helpful Japanese-speaking woman that what I needed was instead upstairs on the second floor.  She led me there, where I was greeted by an aisle that was filled with feminine products.  So what was the other aisle for?  Well, my best guess from broken Japanese and store placement was that I purchased adult diapers.

At home, cousin Kate and I opened our “adult diaper” package and inspected the contents.  A pad-like item was inside, and both of us figured it would work for those purposes.  A quick internet search revealed that I had purchased “fast absorbing incontinence pads.”  Our curiosity peaked, we performed various experiments to determine its effectiveness.

Now you may say, now Jing, how could you have made such a mistake?  But I ask you, look at these packages.  Could you have told the difference?  Illiterate Jennie could not.  And that’s why kids, you should stay in school and learn to read.