Independence Day!

Our international independence day was a day filled with trains, food, and trains of food.  We explored Harajuku, a Tokyo neighborhood that I adore for its eccentricities and visual delights.  We ate at a “Mexican” restaurant for lunch, which was oiishi.  It was quickly followed by a stop in a cafe for a bit of honey toast and mont blanc (whatever that is, besides delicious).  Then after some walking about and shopping, we took our variety of trains back to Yokohama train station to find some sushi, and ended up partaking in the delights of a sushi train establishment.  Round and round the sushi revolves upon a conveyor belt, until it becomes prey for hungry patrons such as ourselves.

Now I am a lover of sushi, but have discovered after several attempts to convince myself that I like wasabi that I indeed do not like it.  This has lessened my enjoyment of sushi establishments in Japan because of the fact that I tend to take sushi as it is offered by experts.  However, I have discovered a new love for tamago, or egg sushi.  Mmm, delish.  And what do you know, its the very color of my blog backround.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Day ended with homemade and soon-to-be-world-famous chocolate chip cookies and a viewing of the patriotic classic, Independence Day.  Happy birthday nation!  I love you and miss you.