On Love, In Sadness

A few days ago I came across an extremely interesting article in the New York Times written by an American residing in Japan.  Warning:  It’s long, but compelling, about the phenomenon of romantic love directed toward anime characters to the point of forsaking human relationships…


Of course now that I live here I notice that Japan produces a myriad of stories ripe for the “Wacky News” column, and this story is no less worthy.  But this story strikes a chord within me, because I feel it is indicative of a problem that faces all of humanity.  It is a symptom of our loneliness, and sometimes the lengths to which we as humans will live in our fear of connecting with other people.  I see people who live in these cycles of hurting themselves and others because they were hurt.  They are no longer willing to truly connect with anyone out of fear of not finding love in the people that they meet.  Be brave, friends, and reach out to other people.  Neighbors should know one another, everyone needs family and friends.  People can lose themselves in work, the internet, television, a myriad of things that have nothing to do with actual human interaction, and unless we fight that you could end up spending your whole life on nothing more than a screen.  Please spend time doing something that connects you with other people.  Dinner parties, volunteering, church, hobbies, something that will make you a part of the community in which you live.  Mother Teresa said that the greatest poverty is loneliness.  She also said “Let us interweave our lives with bonds of sacrifice and love, and it will be possible for us to conquer the world.”

Please don’t waste your love on things that aren’t real.  Save it for people that deserve it.  The Lord put us on the earth together, because he knows we need each other.  Its how He works in our lives;  Don’t avoid Him because you’re afraid.  Now go make a friend or give someone a hug.  It’s what we’re meant to do.