Return to the Motherland

My life is consistently made of missing things I love in other parts of the world, so while I am missing my two favorite boys in Japan, I’ve returned to several things I love in Hawaii.

After an uneventful flight, Cousin Sharon picked me up at the airport and we spent a fabulous day together!   We began with bits of necessary shopping, but moved on to beach time!  I love that I landed, did chores, and went to the beach like I live here.  Oh, wait, for the time being I do.

Not that my return to the motherland has been completely smooth.  After months as a crackery Japanese lady, I got sunburnt.  Bad.  You can see an outline of my necklace on my neck, and I now have a perpetual bathing suit.  And I’m itchy.  Other pitfalls include the absence of my iPhone (I feel like I’ve lost an eye) and the necessity of absolute concentration while I’m driving so as not to cause a head on collision.  Every time I’m driving and I make a turn, I flip my windshield wipers on.

But such trivial troubles are whisked away by the many things on my list of things to eat that I’ve already taken care of.  I had a Jamba Juice right after the plane ride, and after the beach I had a Spam musubi.  Mexico Lindo for dinner and a margarita for dessert.  All this on my first day!  I’m gazelle intense to eat all my favorite Hawaiian things, and see all my favorite Hawaiian people.

So welcome to America, Jing!  And I promise not to let a silly thing like work interfere with all the things I need to accomplish.  I’ve decided to start right away by only going to work for a day and then having the next day declared a state holiday, making an unexpected three-day weekend for myself.  Yes, that’s how I roll, son.  Don’t hate.  Tomorrow I plan to track down some other American things on my list, like Sephora, shopping at stores that carry things in my size, and Longs, the drugstore where labels are in English.