Thoughts on Earthquakes.

Having survived several cataclysmic geological events that were reduced to a mere swaying of the ground, I will attempt to describe my thought process when one occurs…

What IS that thumping sound?



Ok, this isn’t too bad.

Is this going to get worse?

How long will this last?

Do I need to run for a doorway?

Okay, if this thing gets worse I will officially freak out.

Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty…(accompanied by an earthquake dance)

Is that it?  All done?

Was that all my imagination?

Let’s google it.

Where’s the boo?

I am so ninja, I survived another earthquake!

The presence and length of these thoughts are varied by intensity and duration of the earthquake.  Another new phenomenon took place during my morning “return to bed after taking Jose to work” routine.  This was the decided presence of earthquakes in my dreams.  These dreams occurred just as I was on the verge of falling asleep, making it difficult to discern whether they were actual earthquakes taking place or just dream earthquakes threatening to wake me up, brought on by the slight swaying sensation that one might feel when falling asleep.

I am rapidly becoming an earthquake expert, please feel free to forward any inquiries, thoughts, concerns, questions, comments, and feelings on the subject to this blog.