Australian Lessons

If you know my love of languages, you know that I welcome any opportunity to learn words and phrases from other cultures.  This week, I had the unexpected opportunity to take a short class in Australian!

Now Jennie, you say, Australian is not a language.  My friend, I beg to differ.

Thanks to Paul and Libby for instructing me in the proper usages of the following phrases:

whinger – complainer

combi – VW van

footie – rugby

gridiron – American football

capsicum – green bell peppers

rang-grrr – red-headed person

lemonade – fizzy drink

cordial – syrup to make American lemonade

pay outs – making fun of

mate – friend

fair dinkum – oh gosh!

Macca’s – McDonald’s

cuppa – cup of coffee/tea

budgie – parakeet

budgie smugglers or dick stickers – speedo

ambo – ambulance

airvo – afternoon

nice – adjective for food (delicious)

ta – thank you

bodgy – bad quality

blue – mistake

clucky – maternal

drongo – dope or stupid person

fluff – fart

For online references, check out:

I fully intend to make a study trip to the highly interesting and awesome country of Australia, so watch out Paul and Libby!  I’m coming….