Recent Injuries

With random adventures come random injuries, and while I am typically a model of grace, I’ve seemed to have more than my share since I’ve been on island.  Let’s recount:

Random injury 1:  Upon my inaugural visit to the beach, I got a massive sunburn, effectively creating a perpetual bathing suit (Australian = swimmers) upon my skin.

Random injury 2:  A BEE STUNG ME!   It was a ninja bee too, as I never even saw him coming!  I was chilling on the Pali lookout, minding my own business and taking pictures with friends, when all of the sudden I felt a sharp pain and a stinging sensation spread across the back of my neck.  It was reminiscent of my jellyfish sting, and Kate’s expression and my subsequent screaming eventually revealed that I had been stung by a bee.  For a moment I panicked in a rather dramatic fashion, thinking I might die of an allergic reaction.  I was allergic as a child, but I haven’t been stung since I was very young, so I waited for the signs of reason to panic.  Good news:  I didn’t die.  I have cheated death once again, which is more than I can say for the bee.  I am obviously the better ninja.

Random injury 3:  I got scratched by a thorny bush while hiking today.  Now granted, this is a super minor injury, but I have a slight battle scar, so I’ll count it.

Random injury 4:  I twisted my ankle after I tripped trying to run into a photo for which I had set a timer.  Now, this injury could have been much worse had I fallen off of the pillbox on which we were standing and tumbled down the steep hill that was behind us.  Professional that I am at self-timed photos, there are always risks to any profession.  I would have joined the ranks of people who have fallen off cliffs while hiking due to stupid antics.  I also would have taken a few friends with me, but luckily my impromptu red rover act did not break the line, and I we all lived to tell the tale (and take the picture).

I am resolving to recover from these most recent bouts of spastic-ness, and to regain my usual sense of ultimate coordination and grace.  But tomorrow marks a return to the workplace, and short of a paper cut or death by boredom, there are few possible injuries there that even I might manage to attain in my cubicle.