Do Lizards Have Personalities?

I ask the question because as I drove home I noticed one on my back windshield.  I was speeding along H-3 going about 70, when his little shadow crossed my mirror and I looked up to see him clinging to my windshield.

My first instinct was to slow down, because I felt the little guy might be terrified by all the wind blowing and the speed.  But he was holding on tight, and so I figured the faster I got home the faster he could get off.

But then I thought of the movie The Tale of Desperaux, where the little mouse was uncharacteristically brave for a mouse.  I thought, what if this lizard is a lizard thrill-seeker?  What if he enjoys going fast and thereby is a habitual car rider and had jumped on the pimpmobile in the hopes of getting a ride?

As I went through the tunnel he began running around on the windshield, up and down and back and forth.  I thought he could be scared and trying to find shelter while the wind resistance was down.  But he could also be trying the lizard equivalent of bus-surfing.  How would I ever know?

Eventually he disappeared, and I could not determine if he had blown away or just found some cover.  Alas, I will never know his fate, but I hope he made it home with me safe and sound.