Things that Heal the Heart

Being an adventurer means dealing with the constant pain that is spending significant parts of your life away from the people that you love.  Sometimes the pain is sharp, like you’ve been stabbed and can’t breathe. Most of the time the pain is just a dull ache, like an old injury that hurts when it rains.  Either way, it never quite goes away, and the only thing you can do is distract yourself every time it’s strong enough to notice.

But there are times when the distractions aren’t enough to heal your heart.  Work, your friends, television or a glass of wine won’t send away the restlessness in your mind, and you find that you need still more before you can sleep peacefully alone.

There are places on earth that soothe the loneliness while letting you cherish it a little.  These places clear your thoughts and remind you how small you are and how grateful you should be for the people you have in your life.  I found myself thinking of these places today, and remembering where they have been throughout my lifetime.

I’ve found immeasurable comfort on a mountain side in the Philippines in the morning, the paths behind my Grandma’s house in Pennsylvania in the late afternoon, and watching the full moon or stars from any place where they can be seen.  My parent’s backyard in Virginia in the summer with fireflies alight, and even sitting on my lanai at our Japanese apartment helps.  Any beach at night is another, and tonight at Ko Olina it once again has been a balm on my soul.

I believe that sometimes you have to go outside to talk with God.  I say talk with because I believe you can speak to Him wherever you are, but sometimes you need to be outside to hear what He has to say back to you.  These moments are the ones that let you appreciate the wide wide world again, even when it separates you from the ones you love.