Year in Review…

Life flies by without your noticing, and how this year went past me is a mystery.  It’s interesting what stays with you as you look back on a year.  But 2009 was filled with good memories.  Let’s review them now:

January:  The most lovely birthday with the cousins.  I think it was one of the most fun and favorite birthday’s I’ve had, a major accomplishment considering the Jose was not there.  Maui, Kate and Sharon, the Melting Pot, eating breakfast out.  It was a weekend filled with a few of my favorite things.

February:  A blur.  Filled with a lot of moving and packing, but also with Joleen’s beautiful wedding.  It was a celebration of love and Hawaii, and tons of fun.

March:  I moved out of our beloved Hawaii home.  Ben and Jamie came to visit and Jose came home!

April:  Vacation!  Lanai and Kauai completed our island tour, and home sweet home for time with the fam.  Amy and Erik’s wedding was wonderful, but ended with my face-planting on a crowded Philly street.  I am awesome.

May:  Japan!  A icky three weeks in the Navy Lodge, and finally our lovely apartment in beautiful Yokohama.  Getting lost on Yokosuka base, then finally knowing our way around.

June:  The settling in of the apartment – unpacking, buying furniture, learning our way around the neighborhood and city.

July:  Kate’s visit!  Tokyo, Kamakura, Disneyland!  Lindsay and I hanging out, going to the darkroom and having a blast.

August:  My return to Hawaii, living with the cousins.  Massive sunburn and subsequent permanent bathing suit from falling asleep on the beach on the first day back.  Spending time with friends and enjoying the island.

September:  Work.  Learning Australian.  Dinner at all my favorite Hawaiian places.  Hiking the Stairway to Heaven.  Time with cousins, dinner with Monica and babies, hanging out with Kat and kids and Grace, Louie, Theo and friends.

October:  Work.  The Conference.  All finished.  Phew.

November:  Home again.  Quality time with my two favorite boys.  Our first Japanese Thanksgiving with friends.

December:  Hanging out with the boys.  Our first Japanese Christmas, just the two of us.  Making New Year’s resolutions…

So the 2010 year lies ahead of me, full of things I’d like to do.  I hope for babies, Japanese fluency, a commission, and time with books, art, and cameras.  I want adventures with my family and friends and opportunities to help people.  I look forward to seeing my best friend’s wedding.  I can’t wait to explore Japan with my favorite human boy.  Most of all I want to keep learning, keep praying, and keep adventuring.  I realize that some resolutions are easier than others.  But Happy 2010 to my fellow adventurers and friends.  I hope to see you this year.