Professional Athlete in the Making

I present to you a huge enigma in my life (a fabulous poet once told me, I am enigma. More on that later). The adventurer who won’t abide by winter weather has discovered a dormant and unexpected love.
Everyone who knows me knows I am not much of an athlete. I lack the grace and coordination necessary to be successful at tasks that require skills in movement. Anyone who’s ever met me knows that I consider temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit to be cold. Not cool, cold.
But dear friends, I attempted snowboarding for the first time this week, and I must say it is loads of fun. It amazes me how much I enjoyed it.
Jose and I signed up for a trip on one of the last days of the season, and braved the slopes sans snowboarding experience or lesson. That’s right, we just went for it. We internet-educated ourselves and went to the slopes. And while Jose has a natural knack for remaining upright on a board while whisking down a snowy mountain, Jing does not share that same natural grace. But I am undeterred. My successes were few and far between, and I spent the majority of my day divided between figuring out how to stand up on the board at all and seriously and dramatically face-planting in the snow. I found even the ski-lift intimidating, but I conquered.
I snowboarded. I felt the wind rush by me at unnatural speeds, and delightful moments of panic that follow each triumphant ride as I remembered that I don’t know how to stop without hurling myself at the ground. I flew, I fell, I tumbled. I sent snow flying every which way and took quite a beating on the bum. Yet despite the all-over achiness that has lingered for several days past the experience, I find myself loving it! I would even like to do it again! I would enjoy perfecting my already mad snowboarding skills!
So I am excited for a winter to come in Japan. This alone is a monumental feat for me. What’s more, I can envision myself one day in the future being a really awesome snowboarder. Look out Shaun White, my hair may not be as pretty as yours, but I’m joining the club. Torah Bright, I’m coming for you! Next stop, Olympics!!!
Or maybe I’ll just settle for managing to turn the board in the direction that I would like it to go. Everything in moderation.