re: Craigslist – (japan)

I love Craigslist.  I’m not talking about the useful, utilitarian part of Craigslist that everyone loves, where you can get a sofa for $30 and sell your broken shelving unit for $10, I’m talking about the rants and raves section.  I know there’s no possible use for wasting my time reading these things.  I tell myself its an anthropological study of human behavior on the internet.  I tell myself I’m tapping into of the collective consciousness of human frustrations.  I’ve really just read all the news articles I’m at all interested in and am now looking for a mindless way to pass the time on the bus.

I love perusing the various categories:  Rants and raves, missed connections, the community forums – people reaching out to others, trying to connect in a disconnected venue.  Typically I can’t claim that I relate to most people when they post to these forums.  Posters are usually blabbing about topics that I am not at all concerned about.  However, these three I found to be amusing and witty, and so I share them with you.

My Type of Contest – I, too, always thought it was unfair that users of Craiglist seem to think graphic designers should work for free, submit their thought-out and developed ideas, and then just sit and hope to get rewarded for them.

Wit is Worth Something – Hahahah!  Concur.  I love proper punctuation myself.

People can be such poopy-heads – My brother, I truly feel your pain.  I know many people do.  Solidarity brother (or sister).  My heart aches for you.

I find it interesting that not only does Craigslist offer us a place to unload our material junk, but also our mental junk as well.  So happy reading on all the missed connections and the rants of the Craigslist crazies out there – you might find some that sound just like you.