All the Little Fishies

A lovely Sunday greeted Jose and I as we stepped outside of the church after Mass, and we decided to visit the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama.  The area has much to see – a beach park with lots of families clamming and wading, an amusement park with a roller coaster, and a market place with shops and restaurants.  And in one quiet corner of the park, an unexpected delight called Dr. Fish.

The name would not suggest it, but Dr. Fish is a place of relaxation!  A place where one can chat and calmly about the simple things in life!  It is a place where for only 1000 yen, you can place your bare feet in a tub full of water with little fishies in it!  They gather round your feet and nibble, thus cleaning your feet and soothing your soul!  Strange?  Yes.  Fun?  Oh yes.  Gross?  Not in the least.  I had read in a newspaper about this fabulous phenomon, and besides, if there is a wikipedia article about it, you know it has to be legit.

As soon as you set your feet in the water, the little fish come swarming around to nibble on you.  It’s just like those videos you’ve seen of piranhas devouring live animals, sans the pain of being eaten alive.  Instead, it tickles like crazy at first, and then after a moment the sensation turns into something like slight electric pulses through your feet.  We paid for a set, which garnered us a refreshing drink as well.  So Jose and I, with our coffee and melon fanta (take a wild guess on who had the melon fanta) sat and chatted for a most relaxing ten minutes with the fish.

Other fun things observed on today’s outing include big beautiful pelicans, flamingos, and odd stuffed animals, like a stuffed horseshoe crab.  Hydrangeas are starting to bloom here too, in all colors.  Summer is shaping up nicely.