I love shooting people, especially gorgeous people who like to be photographed.  Supermodel Lindsay and I had a great time in this unexpected plaza in Shinjuku.  It was a very urban site, complete with a awesome shiny reflective building, but in its plaza was a huge garden filled with tiny flowers and simply lovely.  It takes a little bit of bravery to stage a photoshoot in a public space, but I love it when people are game, and Lindsay is the best for being up for anything.  Climb that!  Stand over there!  Change outfits six times!  Jump in the air!  Laugh!  Cry!  Look this way!  Look that way!  It’s a familiar situation for anyone who has gone shooting with me.  Jing can be rather bossy you know.  But Lindsay is a pro and bore it like a champ, and all the while looking fabulous.  And today we had a bit of an audience as people stopped to watch, but seriously, who wouldn’t want to stop and watch if they saw a SUPERMODEL walk by?

Seriously people, I am needing to shoot more people (my, but that sounds funny if you isolate that, hmm?)  I am coming to Virginia Beach, and Hawaii, so if you have a moment to spare and you want to go shooting, let me know.  Kids, puppies, couples, headshots, I’m putting stuff together and I need your help. You too can be a supermodel!