I hate needles, but apparently I’ll try anything once.

I was convinced by Robbie to give acupuncture a go.  The conference was running a free medical clinic, complete with Western and Eastern style medicine.  I did it because I thought it might help my back, the one that hurts because I’m too lazy to work out.  I figured maybe I could help it out if I let a professional needle artist do his thing and STICK MY BACK WITH SEVERAL NEEDLES.  Does this sound crazy?  It was.  I was so nervous that I embarrassed myself by having my usual doctor’s office panic attack in front of the nice Korean military nurses and acupuncturist.

But as an experience it was interesting.  I made the mistake of watching someone else being treated first, and this of course freaked me out even more.  The doctor takes several needles and stabs you in the back with them, then twirls them around a little bit.  After you are stabbed about 12-15 times, you sit and marinate for about 15 minutes while the needles do their thing.

The doctor offered to only do my hand since he saw that I was about to faint, but the idea of looking at the needles in my own skin made me panic, so I said I would be treated only if they did my back.  He put about 12 needles in my neck and upper back.  You don’t really feel the prick of the needle, but instead this funny sensation in your skin.  Then the sensations all connect and your back feels all tingly.  While I was marinating, I was too terrified to move a whole lot, as if I thought I might be paralyzed if I moved around too much.

So does it work?  Not for me, I’m afraid.  I think I was too nervous to relax, and like a shot if you don’t relax it only makes it hurt.  I think my back feels about the same, except every time I feel a pain in my shoulders all I can picture is a itty bitty needle poking out!  Don’t mind me and my fear of needles though.  Robbie was a big fan, and he went every single day.  I’ve also heard good things from other people who aren’t such ‘fraidy cats.  Besides, it didn’t hurt, and that’s more than I can say for other encounters with needles in the skin.  Thimbles are my hero.