I live a life of luxury, but only for two weeks at a time.

Every year I am “awarded” for my hard work with a week or two week “vacation” in a fabulous resort hotel.  I’ve been staying at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul, a hotel geared toward business travelers and large scale conferences.  While big fancy places usually make me nervous, I have gotten used to a few things that I shall miss when I return to my everyday plebleian lifestyle.  These include:

Fresh kiwis for breakfast – During my stay I was allotted a free buffet breakfast!  This was fabulous, as no one in my daily circle of loved ones (ahem Jose) will cut up fresh kiwis and thinly slice parma ham for me to eat for breakfast.  For free (a $30 value).

A heated pool – It has been my experience that when one swims in a heated pool on a slightly cool evening, then relaxes with friends in a hot tub afterward, it makes one wish that one is rich enough to have a heated pool and a hot tub every day.

Free cocktails and pupus in the evening – It’s so nice to enjoy drinks and pupus in the evening that one did not have to prepare, or even pay for.  All while enjoying a glorious view of Seoul from the 17th floor of a building set on a hill.  Too bad I had pesky work to stress me all day, but if one needs to relax, that’s one way to do it.

All I need is to install the husband and the boo (and a more comfortable bed, its looks deceptively soft but is rather firm) and maybe I would stay a while.  As it is, right now I’d rather have my two favorite boys and my own fabulous bed.  After all, I do have an 11th floor view, free drinks, and a bathtub, so I’ll make do with that.

  • http://www.lixibao.com Benjamin

    vacation in Korea really? that looks like a nice hotel? or was it business? i’ve been in nice 5 star hotels before but unfortunately my longest stay is always one night!! two maximum if i know somebody and get a deal. hahaha…