I’m John Wayne

Today I met a new friend.  His name is Feather.  Feather and I went on a walk on the North Shore.  Here is a list of what Feather and I have in common:

Feather likes to stroll.

While Teresa’s horse likes to tailgate, Feather likes to take his sweet time.  We all had to ride along in a single file line, but Feather is like the old guy in traffic and let a huge gap come between him and the first horse.  Teresa’s horse soon became fed up and passed with a huff.

Feather gets distracted.

Feather would veer from the horse train to some delicious-looking food from the side of path.  He nearly ran me into the trees a few times reaching for some food.

Feather likes to shove his face.

Feather had a big ole mouthful of food, yet still felt the need to pull off and grab some more before he had even finished chewing.

Feather is lots of fun.

I had a lovely day strolling on the beach with Cousin Sharon, Teresa, and our lovely new friends.  It was a beautiful way to spend my last day in Hawaii.