Features of my Mansion: Fish Oven

Now I’m going to start a multi-post series about my beloved cozy apartment, because although many of you will never see it, I’m absolutely sure you will still want to know all the details about coming to visit me as though you were able to.  So here’s your first lesson in Japanese apartmentism;  Japanese high-rise apartment buildings are called mansions.  This has nothing to do with the condition of the building, but in my case my building is almost brand new, so I’m happy to call it my mansion.

We have no big American-sized oven.  Out of a necessity to bake cookies (and dinner, but obviously cookies are more important)  we bought a small convection oven.  However, most Japanese homes come equipped with a lovely gas stove with three burners and a handy fish oven.  Why Jing!  What, pray tell, is a fish oven?  It’s an oven who’s sole purpose is to cook a delicious fish.  It’s big enough to broil a fish in, and that’s all you need, inhabitants of our land.

Can you make cookies in it?  You can try, but they don’t turn out so well.   Have you cooked a fish in it?  But of course, because we’re Japanese, and I’m happy to report that our little fish oven makes remarkably tasty fish, or in the most recent case, bacon-wrapped prawns.  Mmm…