Miracle Cure

Are you cold?  Thirsty?  Feeling blue?  Bored?  Tired?  Well hold on to your seats kids, and mind every word you read, because I’m about to give you a miracle cure!

First, procure the following three ingredients.

Milk – I used whole.  Delicious whole Organic Valley milk was used in the making of this remarkable beverage.

Chai Tea Mix – This is a recent addition to my grocery list, but it comes in handy when I don’t feel like leaving my home for Starbucks.

Bailey’s Irish Cream – A staple of my liquor cabinet, used occasionally as a nightcap.


Make the Chai tea according to the directions – mine is half milk and half tea.  Heat that stuff up, pour it in a mug.  Then add some Baileys, depending on your current needs.  I have to stay awake for a bit, so I only added a little splash, but if you’ve had a rough day, feel free to add more!

This stuff is so tasty it’ll cure any ailment.  Enjoy your miracle in a cup!