How to Market to the Masses

Translation, for my non-Japanese friends:  I’m for rizzle kids.  I’m having a sale and you will know about it.  Shiz, kids, it’s a sale! A SALE!!!

My friend, you’re probably thinking this hard-working lady is crazy.  How would that sound entice anyone to enter your store?  But this helium-induced-sounding yelling is not an unusual occurrance.  This is a regular phenomenon while shopping.  Sometimes its a simple “Irasshaimase” as one enters a store, but when it’s a really big deal there is a continuous stream of rather unbearable noise. Jing, its only a few seconds of yelling. No, my friend. No, it’s not. As in Joey and I went to lunch, and when we came back out she was still at it.

And this is something I can’t describe it to you with mere words.  Even in person I can’t produce an appropriate imitation of Japanese salesgirls’ nine-octaves-higher-than-normal-human-voices.  And this lady was so particularly talented. So for you, my dear friend, I made this video.  That’s how much I love you.

  • melissa b

    i. love. your. blog. why haven’t i come explored it before? no worries, you are now added to my google reader 🙂