National Ninja Day

Birthday Cheesecake

Aloha and Happy Ninja Day!  Today we celebrate the start of my 30th year (right cousins?), and this weekend my lovely hubby treated me to a few of my favorite things.  Let’s review:

A lovely day in the city of Tokyo, a gorgeous city that I love exploring, even when its cold.

A visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography – a whole museum devoted to photography?  oh yes.

Five photography stamps – Like an old lady crafter, I love stamps.  I got five really awesome photography-themed ones at the museum.  This doesn’t sounds exciting, but it is.

A visit to Book-Off, a used book store – I love bookstores, and I love recycling, so it follows that I love used book stores.

Dinner at Wellington’s at the New Sanno – I enjoyed a lovely dinner date with the hubby, and shoved my face with a very tasty six course meal.  Mmm, riesling sorbet.  Mmm, salmon with risotto.  I had a citrus-flavored cheesecake for dessert, and it was delicious.  Not just delicious, but my-life-is-complete delicious.

Which is good to know since yet another year of life just flew by.  I’m feeling the pressure to get all those before-I’m-thirty goals done, and this is the year to make them happen.  Here I come.

  • Cindy

    So fun! Wish I had been with you to celebrate and throw stuff at kids! 🙂