The next few days will open the blossoms of trees and pink clouds will reign.


I feel quite silly When I don’t practice enough and forget my words.


I like to write songs I sing them in the shower and to my cat too.        

No openings at the beauty salon

The base is empty Why is it then I still can’t get my hair done?


I love Bubby’s pie. I think I’ve said this before. It is delicious.

Where did it go?

Weekends slip by me. Where do they go so quickly? Come back!  I need you.

First Class

Speaking to children They don’t quite understand me, but they will learn to.


Can you drink water? Can you eat the vegetables? Only time will tell.


I want to change and I realize my own weakness and my stubborness.


We had to decide It could have been difficult But I’m glad we stayed.