All Shook Up


In my most ninja-like way, I have cheated death once again. Yesterday was quite an adventure, but not one you would necessarily want. All is well here in Yokohama though, we are well-rested and furniture has been restored to their proper places.

Prayers for all those in the Pacific who were affected by this massive earthquake, ninjas all about stand ready to help.

  • Joan Morrison

    Hi, We haven’t met yet but I’m so glad we will get the opportunity. What an ordeal for the two of you.
    Hope things are back to normal soon. Give Bailey a rub from me, (I have 5 kitties and a dog). Take good
    care, Love Cousin Joan in Florida,

  • Cindy

    WOW! I can’t believe you thought to take a video – smart Jing! Thanks for posting – it’s wild to see what it was like there. So glad you’re ok! xoxo

  • melissa b

    Glad you and Bailey are ok! That is some crazy footage, girl!

  • Auntie’s Dianna & Carin

    We are soooo glad that you are both ok! If we can do anything let us know, please. Love to you both.