Food Psych

I just finished reading A Horse and his Boy too.


I love trying new things, and if the new thing is super strange, I at least don’t mind trying it once.  Jose and I have had a week of little rest, and yesterday we decided to relax by going out to eat.  There is a restaurant in our neighborhood that has been teasing us, and we decided to try it out despite being unsure of an English menu.  Turns out we were in luck, as we found it had a full menu in English, with very minor spelling mistakes (meet instead of meat, and frid instead of fried).  Jan de Huckle is cozy little bar-like restaurant serves yakitori and sushi and other such delights.

I ordered various yakitoris and a delicious raw tuna and avocado dish that is reminiscent of the ahi tower at Lucy’s in Kailua (Hawaii friends, you must try this if you have not!  I love it!  Thanks Cousin Kate for the intro).  Jose, feeling adventurous and with my assurance that I would try it, ordered horse sashimi.

It’s not often I am psyched out by my food.  I don’t mind lobsters with the head on or even looking at lechon in its full glory, but I have to say that this was a little different.  Our very nice cook brought out the horse, and it looked beautiful like any beef steak served in Japan.  There was a lovely bed of lettuce with a side of dipping sauce.  I picked it up with my chopsticks, give it a little dip, and chowed down.

It didn’t taste bad at all, in fact just like a fatty beef.  But I found that while I was chewing all I could think of were the mountains of Montana and horses racing across plains, just like in the Horse Whisperer.  Chew chew, Misty of Chincoteague!  Chew chew, Seabiscuit!  I couldn’t bring myself to eat another piece.

Everything else we had was delicious, including the lovely sake that we undertook to consume.  Once in the midst of our dinner there was an earthquake, but just a small one.  We were the only customers, and there was only one chef.  It was a lovely dinner, and another restaurant in our neighborhood to fall in love with.